Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy.

Travel Jet Limited understands the importance of protecting personal information given to us by both actual and prospective customers. We ensure all data held will be handled, stored and kept confidential in accordance with the UK’s Data Protection Legislation. 

We may disclose your personal information to our associated companies for business purposes, to successors in title to our business and to third party suppliers we engage (under contact) to process data on our behalf. For example, providers such as Travel Trust Association will be sent the information contained on your travel plan. These companies acting on our behalf are also required to keep your personal information secure in accordance with the UK’s Data Protection Legislation. 

In addition, where we are required, your personal information may be disclosed to a Government, Regulatory or Enforcement Authority. These Authorities may then use your personal information to investigate and act on any suspected breach of Law or Regulatory Rule Information collected & why It is important that the personal details you provide to Travel Jet Limited are accurate and current, as we will base our service on what you tell us. 

The following information (Data) you provide in your booking will be stored on computer or in any other way as below: 

1. Personal information, such as names, addresses, email addresses etc (to check your identity for money laundering prevention purposes). 

2. Financial information to help manage your accounts. Whilst the personal information Travel Jet Limited holds is primarily used for establishing/managing your account and to help us identify you when you contact us we, or any of our associates, may, from time to time, use your details to;- send you marketing material about products or services related to the work for which you use us. You can indicate to us in writing at any time that you would prefer not to receive such material in the future. Enable Travel Jet Limited to develop, design, improve and market our products/services to you & other customers (including those of organisations which are not connected with Travel Jet Limited). Undertake market research, statistical analysis to understand more about you and for general business purposes as otherwise permitted in law. 

Contact you by post, telephone (including e-mail or via our web site to inform you about any important changes to the terms under which your account is operated. Give your information to any organisation who; 

I. introduced you to us (or us to you) 

II. act on your or our behalf 

III. may assist us following any default or failure by you to keep to the terms of your account or any agreement you may have with us (e.g. debt collection agencies, legal advisors or other organisations). 

NB; • You are entitled to request a copy of the details and information we hold about you if you contact us in writing.