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Created on: 22/aug/2022

Turkey is a transcontinental Eurasian country, bridging Western Asia and Southeastern Europe. Both the Asian and European sides are divided by the Bosphorus, the Sea of Marmara and the Dardanelles. The country benefits with an extensive coastline enriched by seas on three sides: Aegean Sea, Black Sea, and the Mediterranean. Turkey holds a treasure of history from the Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman Empire. The historical monuments hold significance to both religious groups, Christians, and Mus  ... [Read More]

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Egypt, also known to be as ‘Misr’ in the Arabic language is also referred to be a ‘Gift of the Nile’. It is a transcontinental country connecting it’s boarders from the Northeast corner of Africa to Southwest Asia. Passing through various eras of the Pharaohs, Romans, Greeks and Ottoman. The country has seen one of the earliest developments of writing, agriculture and urbanisation. Home to the world’s most iconic archaeological structures, no doubt, Nights over Egypt are a mystic experience!.Alo  ... [Read More]

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Madeira Islands

Travel to one of Europe's safest destinations to the Madeira Islands. An archipelago situated in the North Atlantic..Madeira's lush green laurisilva (laurel) forest has been untouched for five centuries with invaluable natural wealth which makes a perfect home for rare species and bird life. Take a cable car ride with panoramic views of the open sea below reaching the hilltop and taking a stroll through the beautiful tropical garden.  ... [Read More]

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Created on: 27/jul/2021

JORDANJordan is an Arab country in Western Asia, situated at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe. The country inherits its name from the Jordan river covering most of the northwestern boarder in the Rift Valley. The west highland area suddenly drops into the Jordan Rift valley consisting of the Jordan river and the Dead Sea. Jordan                          &nbs  ... [Read More]

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